Quiz and Vocabulary Words for Book I

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Sample of the Quiz – Mystery In Time


Mystery in Time             By: D A LEE

1. What was the big mystery regarding Henri and J.J.’s families?

a)  Each had a brother disappear

b)  Each of their fathers had disappeared

c)  Each of their mothers had disappeared

d)  Each of their grandmothers had disappeared


2. Who was the letter from that J.J. found in the old Bible?

a)  His great-grandmother

b)  His grandfather

c)  His grandmother

d)  His great-grandfather


3. What kind of special work did Dr. M do for the government?

a)  He was a UFO specialist

b)  He was a forensics specialist

c)  He was an earthquake investigator

d)  He was a foreign language interpreter


Sample of the Vocabulary Words

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Mystery in Time


1.  emanate:   (p. vii)    His skin turned a bronze color and a slight glow seemed to emanate from his entire body.

2.   haphazardly:   (p. 4)   As they went through the next doorway into a small, dark room, they saw many old suitcases stacked haphazardly against the wall.

3.   shenanigans:   (p. 14)   “Don’t you dare scream,” said Mike. “I’ve had enough of your shenanigans for one day.”