About Book 2 – Masters of Time

The adventure continues with more time-stopping incidents. The two spies find jobs and begin to like living on
Earth near all the water. Could this cause a problem?

A military team is sent to capture Dr. M and torture him for the secret of his magno-pulse machine.

J.J. and Henri work together to try to save more lives while Mike and Erika get a big surprise. New Saros stone powers are unveiled.

A deadly explosion at Grams’ farm, two kidnappings, and an attack on the spies when they are seen in their alien forms are just a few of the action-packed adventures that surround Henri and J.J.

An obnoxious teenager moves to Millville. He’s a descendant from the first Saronians and has special powers. His strength and speed are increasing, and he presents a major threat.
Finally, there is news about the missing fathers.
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Front And Back Cover -Book 2

Front And Back Cover -Book 2




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