About Book 3 – Incidents in Frozen Time

Dr. M invites Mike and Erika to join J.J. and Henri on an incredible quest. He explains about their powers to control time.

The Saronian spies get jobs and purchase a cabin by a lake near Millville. They are beginning to like living on Earth. Dag buys a boat and disaster happens the first time he goes for a boat ride.

The four kids are growing taller and maturing beyond their years. They excel in school and are looked upon as leaders.

Henri and Erika’s moms take the girls to a big shopping mall to buy school clothes and supplies. Three men kidnap the moms in the parking lot. The girls call in J.J. and Mike to try to rescue them.

The pre-invasion force lands on Earth. When Henri and Erika discover them, the girls are captured.

A new troublemaker arrives in town and causes problems that must be dealt with. He poses a real threat.

Lots of time-stopping adventures will keep you wondering what will happen next.

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