About Book I – Mystery in Time

Time Stands Still Chronicles - Book Cover

Time Stands Still Chronicles

Johnny (J.J.), Henri, and Dr.Emory could be anyone in any town.  The two kids are friendly and likable sixth graders in the same class at Millville Elementary School.  Dr. Emory is a sixth grade teacher.

Their town is small but vibrant.  There are three medium sized lakes nearby.

Two years ago both kids lost their fathers in a mysterious disappearance.  Only their grandmothers and Dr. Emory know where the fathers are.

J.J. and Henri each receive an important gift from their grandmothers. J.J. receives a bracelet and Henri gets a necklace.  These give them the ability to control time.

They learn to use their powers to save lives.  They do not know that they are preparing for a battle that will hold Earth’s fate in the balance.

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