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Dennis Lee - Author

Dennis Lee – Author

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Lorraine Price Editor at When Magazine

I have finished reading all four of your books. I can’t remember when I last read a series of books that I enjoyed so much.

Time Stands Still #1
The first of four books in this series begins with a boy named J.J. who explores his grandmother’s old farmhouse with his cousin, Mike. The boys find an envelope with some papers inside. As J.J. discovers the treasure left for him buried generations ago, he learns of a mysterious power meant for him to find and to use in secret. Henri is a girl who also learns that she has the same power. I like this book because the print is large and makes it an easy page turner. The story propels you forward and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is full of mystery, secrets, family and aliens.


Time Stands Still #2
This books starts right away where the first one leaves off. It’s the last day of school and J.J. must use his power again. Henri and J.J. learn about each other. Dr. M shares with the kids who he is, how he got involved, and then guides the children towards their destiny. The battle to save Earth and Saros is revealed. I enjoyed reading the plots and danger that were scattered throughout this entire book. Mr. Lee keeps you on your toes!


Time Stands Still #3
Mike and Erika learn about J.J. and Henri’s powers and then are told that they too would receive new powers. J.J. and Henri’s fathers are returned to their families after having mysteriously disappeared years ago. Two new kids come along and they have different superpowers. Henri and Erika are kidnapped. There is so much suspense and drama that I can’t stop reading it.


Time Stands Still #4
Saros leaders plan the invasion of Earth. J.J. receives an additional power. Hawk and Hunter spend time getting to know each other since they found out that they are twin brothers. The war is over. The perfect ending for a terrific series. In the Postlude, I was surprised to discover that these ideas came to the author in a dream from stories in the Bible.
Kristy Pownall 5th Grade Teacher from Paradise Valley School District

Mr. Lee,

My classes have throughly enjoyed your books.  There is so much adventure, drama, creativity, suspense, and good, clean storytelling.  They (and me included) enjoy the characters as they are easy to relate to.  In addition, the vivid imagery makes it so easy to make that picture in the reader’s mind.


Both classes have asked when you will be back to discuss the books.  When I told them book 3 was done and you were starting book 4, they screamed in excitement!  You have an amazing talent talking to young people, sharing your story and explaining the importance of school.


It is a pleasure and a privilege to have you come speak in my class, and I look forward to another visit in the fall!  Anyone who has you come to their classroom is in for a treat.


Thom Blanck Harbor Springs Media Center Specialist
While rummaging through his grandmother’s basement, J.J. discovers an envelope in his Great-grandfather’s bible that is addressed to his Great-grandson, which is J. J.  Inside the envelope, a handwritten letter from his Great-grandfather informs J.J. about a gift that allowed him to incredible things.  As the only Great-grandson, J.J. is offered the opportunity to pursue this mysterious gift by following the instructions in a pair of letters with the understanding that this gift, that can turn back time for one hour, must remain a secret and used with caution.  As J.J. follows the clues to his gift, a Great-granddaughter, Henrietta, discovers that her Great-grandmother has left her a special necklace that can freeze time for an hour.  As both characters obtain their gifts, they are soon faced with life threatening situations, and the moment to use their respective gifts.  Can these time altering powers have something to do with J.J.’s father’s mysterious disappearance?  What are the ramifications for changing events in time?  How does Dr. M, their sixth grade instructor, who is periodically called upon by the U. S. military special operations, tie into these events?  These questions and more may be answered in the next installment of The Time Stands Still Chronicles: Masters of Time.


D. A. Lee has visited the Harbor Springs Middle School twice.  As a retired teacher, Mr. Lee skillfully delivered a thorough presentation that walked our middle school audience through The Writing Process as well as Story Elements/


Character development is certainly an integral part of any story, and Dennis shared how he picked characters and their personalities, especially the instructor and guide in the series, Dr. M.  Besides character development, Dennis discussed how the concept of time has always fascinated him and how he wanted to incorporate it a book. One of the most interesting parts of the presentation dealt with the substantial amount of time it took Dennis and his editors to edit and revise the drafts before the publishing aspect.  During this phase, Dennis stressed how rereading your work, clarifying areas and even selecting font type and font size are significant factors before publishing.


Ultimately, Dennis illustrated how ideas and imagination can materialize into a book while delivering a positive message to our students: everyone has a story to tell, what’s your story?


On a side note, Dennis left several of his books in our library, and for the next six weeks, these were undoubtedly the most frequently checked out books in the library!


Thanks again for visiting our school.